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What is CARS4.BID

Welcome to CARS4.BID, your easy way to bid on US car auctions. We're licensed with IAAI (insurance auto auction) and registered with Copart. We've helped thousands of people get cars, boats, motorcycles, RVs, and trucks.

We'll help check a vehicle's history, buy from the auction, and ship it to you. We offer great prices with direct access to online car auctions – no dealer's license needed. We have clean and salvage title cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs, and boats.

If you want a used car nearby, an affordable ride, or a special car for your collection, CARS4.BID is the best place for car bidding. Join us to see all our cars for sale and start bidding on your dream car.

Remember, your dream car is just one click away at CARS4.BID!

Steps to bid

  • Start


    To start bidding in the car auction, you'll need to register with CARS4.BID. You can do it with your email, Google, or Facebook account. Make sure to activate your registration by going to your email and clicking activate button.

  • add deposit

    Step 1

    Add deposit:

    Decide how much you want to spend at the auction and put down a refundable deposit. The deposit is 10% of what you plan to pay, but it cannot be less than $600 USD. You can pay the deposit with a credit or debit card, Zelle, or wire transfer.

  • please upload your id

    Step 2

    Please upload your ID:

    Show a government ID (like a driver's license or passport) to prove who you are. This stops fraud.

  • start looking for a vehicle

    Step 3

    Start looking for a vehicle:

    Use our search to find a car of your dreams. Use filters to narrow your search down. Collect all the important information about the car so you can make a smart choice.

  • check the car’s history

    Step 4

    Check the car’s history:

    Before purchasing a car, it's vital to check its past. This way, you can avoid bad deals. You can learn about the car's history by getting a VIN.DOCTOR report from our website.

  • bid and buy

    Step 5

    Bid and buy:

    You can place your bid online without needing a dealer license. After winning a vehicle, just pay the auction invoice, and we'll handle the rest.

  • register the car

    Step 6

    Register the car:

    We'll send important papers (title, bill of sale) to your home address using FedEx. You will take these papers to your local DMV to finish registration.

Help center

This is where we gathered quick and easy lessons that show you how to get the best cars at car auctions with CARS4.BID.

  • used car auctions

    Knowledge base

    All the info about car auctions, how to bid, buy, and ship cars.

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  • auto auctions online

    Buying process

    Easy guide on how to register, add deposit, place bids, and purchase cars at an auction.

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  • buy auction cars

    Video guides

    Get tips and tricks for safe and easy buying at insurance auctions.

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Frequently asked questions about buying cars at auction

  • Is a dealer’s license needed to join CARS4.BID auto auction?

    You don't need a dealer license to bid at CARS4.BID. We’re a car dealer and a registered buyer at Copart, as well as a licensed broker of IAAI (Insurance Auto Auction). You can buy clean and salvage title cars, motorcycles, RVs, and other motorized equipment through our website for a small fee, and we handle everything else. Then, simply go to your local DMV to finish the registration. It's that simple! All vehicles are open for public bidding. If you want to buy repairable cars, you're in the right place. Our services are open to everyone.

  • What types of cars do we offer?

    We've got cars, boats, motorcycles, big camping cars (RVs), trucks, four-wheelers (ATVs), big machines, buses, trailers, and more. If you want a regular car, an SUV, a motorcycle, or a huge RV, we make it easy for you to get one.
    We have more than 200 different car brands, like Toyota, Ford, and Dodge. More than 200,000 cars you can try to buy online. We feature crashed cars, used cars, repairable, and wrecked vehicles, with new additions to our inventory daily.
    So, if you want to try and get a good car, come join us today! We'll make it easy for you to buy cars that are good and cars that need a little love on our special buying place.

  • Do I lose money if I win nothing?

    First of all, we don't charge you anything to join or be a member of CARS4.BID. There are no annual fees or sign-up costs.
    Secondly, you only pay money if you win a car. If you don't win, you don't have to pay anything. Our website lets everyone bid on damaged car at auctions. You can bid on any car you want or just buy it right away via Buy It Now, if that choice is there. You can enjoy the excitement of buying a car online, all without leaving your home. We help you with everything, from bidding to sending the car to your house.

Why choose CARS4.BID

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  • We sell to public

    You don't have to be a car dealer to bid on CARS4.BID. With CARS4.BID's dealer license, you can buy cars for yourself.

  • We have great choices

    You can look for cars from two big car auctions in the USA: Copart and IAAI, all at once. We have more than 220,000 cars to pick from any day.

  • We make you an expert

    We have a free course that helps you choose a car and make a good deal. We also share helpful stuff on social media to teach you how to make smart choices.

  • We bring the car to you

    We care about your time and comfort. We can send the car to any address in the United States, and if you need to send it to other country, we can help with that too.

  • We’re here to help

    Our team is always ready to help and answer your questions. You can chat with us online, call us, or send us an email. We promise we'll answer fast.
    Remember, your dream car is just one click away at CARS4.BID!